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APS offers various SAP services to companies all over India. Our company provides large scale, multifunction projects to smaller single application solutions. However, APS has been at the forefront of SAP business revolution and helps companies in over fifteen different industries to become more efficient in their manufacturing as well as entire business processes.

Globalization and Digitization are two important factors that have made competitive business landscape fiercer than even before. Therefore to win in the highly competitive environment, enterprises require to lesser expenditure of running businesses and increase practice of their applications and general system landscape. Through our vast range of services and solutions, APS Digitech helps companies to unlock immense abilities of their accessible SAP environment to spend less on running a business and allocating more on innovation.

I invite you and assure you for good quality, higher education along with bright future with innovative feature designed by our creative team.

SAP Learning Hub to fit your needs:-

New Hiring

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the default programming language for SAP applications. This course will teach you basic to advance ABAP programming.

→ABAP Data Dictionary Tutorial - Table, Lock Object, View & Structure
→Modularization in ABAP: Macro,Subroutines & Function Modules
→Open SQL & Native SQL in SAP ABAP
→SAP ABAP Internal Table: Create, Read, Populate, Copy & Delete
→ ABAP Report Programming
→ Dialog Programming Tutorial: Module Pool in SAP ABAP
→ Process on Value & Process on Help

SAP Fiori is a group of applications that has been written recently by SAP to address often used SAP functions like self-service tasks, workflow approvals, and information lookups. SAP Fiori provides simple access across smartphones, desktops, and tablets. It is an impressive initiative from SAP to provide a quicker and highly responsive user interface. It employs cutting-edge design principles for delivering simple and responsive experiences which are personalized and across different devices from mobile phones to tablets and desktops. Its effort is centered on supplying a user interface across varying devices. There is a lot of potential for Fiori since it resolves the core problems SAP users have today. Our training focuses on enhancing your skills on important concepts of SAPUI5 and FIORI.

Tranning Objective

After the completion of SAPUI5 and Fiori course, you will be able to:

→Understand SAP Fiori system landscape architectures and its core functionality
→ All fundamentals including HTML5, CSS, JS, JQuery, DOM.
→ End to end MVC to develop UI5 Applications from Scratch
→End to end development of Fiori App using Eclipse and WebIDE
→Development of OData services using netweaver gateway
→Understand different aspects of SAP UX technology
→Take informed decisions in a UI5 project
→Work as SAPUI5 professional consultants